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Are you part of a group or collaboration that you'd like to have take the inventory? Fill out the form below to register your group. You will be provided (via email) with a unique inventory link to send to your group members, along with login information for you to view a summary of the responses from your group members who complete the inventory (view an example screen image).

Please note

Usage of this free online tool is currently limited to one group per email address. If you fill out the form below using a previously registered email address, the tool will simply re-send the existing group's information to that address. If you wish to use this tool more than one time (whether with the same group or not), you must register each group using a distinct email address. Unfortunately, conducting multiple, ongoing, or pre/post types of evaluations is not currently possible using this tool. All responses are entered into this tool anonymously. You will not be able to track or identify respondents, view individual responses, or view summaries by respondent organization (the online tool does not currently ask for respondent organization).

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