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Welcome to the Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory, a free online collaboration assessment.

Please note:

An updated version of this tool has launched! The new Wilder CFI tool includes two new factors introduced in the recently published Collaboration: What Makes It Work, 3rd Edition.

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This previous version of the tool will be discontinued in 2019, starting with disabling new group registrations as of 1/1/2019. Group members will be able to complete CFIs here through 3/31/2019, for groups registered prior to 1/1/2019. All access to this version of the tool, including for viewing group summary scores, will be disabled after 6/30/2019.

Groups and responses created in this version of the tool will not carry forward into the new version.


When you register a group, this tool will help you assess how your collaboration is doing on 20 research-tested success factors. You will be able to view factor scores as well as item averages and open ended responses for your group's completed inventories. Please note, forms are entered anonymously, so you will not be able to identify responses or track individual respondents.

Personal use

Complete a personal inventory just for yourself! You will be shown summary scores for each of the 20 collaboration factors as well as be able to view and print your individual responses.

Get started

After you begin, you can interrupt and bookmark your session to finish at a later time. Once you have completed the inventory, returning to a bookmarked session will display your summary scores again.

Looking to complete an inventory for a group?  Either register your group, or if someone has already registered your group, ask them to send you your group's link.

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